EE Publishing platform

A complete born-digital publication workflow

The Electronic Enlightenment Project provides a complete, digital publishing environment for both derivative and born-digital editions of correspondence. This solution is backed by nearly 15 years scholarly experience in the exploration, analysis, editing and publication of multilingual correspondences across a broad range of dates and locations. This makes publication in EEP the best academic and technical solution available anywhere.

EEP publication offers a number of possible, digital opportunities for editors:

Publication through EEP offers a digital-correspondence solution for any sized collection, from a single letter to thousands of letters, covering any geographic location or time period.

Publishing a born-digital edition in EE

An EEP born-digital edition starts with a copy of eeRoundTrip, a Word template system allowing editors to benefit from EEP’s workflow:

One of the key things to remember regarding publishing in EE is our updating and development programme, which continues to enrich the born-digital edition within the context of the entire historical social network.

Additional EE-digital offerings

Digital files

EE can provide keyed/transcribed content as digital files to the contributor.


On a for-cost basis, EE can produce a downloadable eBook anthology of selected content, chosen by the editors, which could contain relevant biographies along with the selected letters (with or without critical apparatus), along with an index to people and letters (by name and date respectively).

The contributor may provide an introductory essay to the collection, or a connecting narrative as part of the eBook. Digital files will be provided in two common eBook formats: ePub and Mobipocket (compatible with Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle respectively).

— Dr Robert V. McNamee
Director, Electronic Enlightenment Project

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