Projects — digital research & development

Electronic Enlightenment is involved in numerous projects involving academic editors working on sets of manuscripts directly from archives, researchers using EE data to generate new kinds and views of information, translators providing new linguistic access to the letters, and publishers contributing new or already published collections.

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The Enlightenment classroom

— Pedagogical project in collaboration with university instructors to help students and teachers make the most of EE's rich and varied content.

Publishing results in the EE Classroom.

Geographical data mining, modelling and mapping

— Research project mining & analyzing the EE corpus to produce related geospatial data sets with traversable location hierarchies & associated mapping.

Publishing results in the EE Gazetteer & EE Atlas.

Identifying intertextual relationships in large-scale digital text collections

— Research project applying advanced machine-learning and data-mining techniques across the corpus of EE and other linguistic data sets.

Publishing results in the EE Letterbook

Topic modelling through latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA)

— Research project running multiple iterations of LDA across the EE corpus to produce letter associations by topic models.

Publishing results in the EE Gazetteer & EE Atlas.

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