About miscellanies and the EE Miscellany

There is a charm to the miscellaneous, to a mixed collection that isn't quite a rag-bag — whether it is drawn together by a particular person or gathered from a defined or associated group of materials.

Ole Worm's cabinet of curiosities

Copenhagen cabinet of curiosities of Ole Worm (1588–1654).

In the words of Vincent Starrett, whose observations on the pleasures of book collecting reflect equally the pleasures that can be found in serendipitous associations:

Every new search is a voyage to the Indies, a quest for buried treasure, a journey to the end of the rainbow; and whether or not at the end there shall be turned up a pot of gold or merely a delightful [experience], there are always wonders along the way.

(Penny Wise and Book Foolish, New York: Covici Friede, 1929)

EE's Miscellany

Periodically, we publish a brief informal essay concerning issues associated with Electronic Enlightenment. Topics will include notes about letters, or about lives, or about the things letter-writers write about; they might offer the results of research conducted using the resource, or reflect on the state of "digital academe" more broadly. Those contributed by Project team members might also include a discussion of our work preparing new content or developing new functionality. We welcome submissions from our user community to this informal publication (usual length: 500 to 1500 words). Please with your suggestions.

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