Results lists

Results pages are generated from performing a search or browsing for content. You can generate results pages for Letters, Lives, Instances and Annotations.

Results are displayed as a list with a link to go to the content. Fifteen results are displayed on each page; the total number of records is given above the results, along with an indication of where you are in the list:

firstpreviousdisplaying records 1–15 of 224 nextlast

You can scroll through the list using the arrows, either a page of results at a time or directly to the start or end of the list.

Letter results

If you are searching or browsing for letters, the results list will look like this:

  • David Hume to Patrick Murray, 5th Lord Elibank, (possible date) late 1759/early 1760
  • Robert Dodsley to William Shenstone, 4 January 1760
  • Publication agreement for Paradise lost (1760) by Benjamin Stillingfleet, Robert Dodsley, 14 February 1760 [legal document]

The writers and recipients are given along with the date; descriptive information is provided if the document is not a letter, as in the third entry in the example. Clicking on the link will take you to the document.

Lives results

If you are searching or browsing for lives, the results list will look like this:

  • Locke, John, Senior (1606–1661), English lawyer, army officer
  • Locke, John (1632–1704), English philosopher, physician
  • Locke, Peter (1607–1686), English tanner

Each correspondent is listed by their full name, reversed, and title (where applicable), along with dates of birth and death (where known), nationality, and a brief biographical description. Clicking on a name will take you to the person's lives page.

A note on names

Searching by name (or alias) searches all the metadata related to the correspondents' names: this will include nicknames, pseudonyms and all known titles, even when they are not detailed in the person's biographical note. As a consequence, the term you search for may not appear in the results, which show a standard form of the name. We are planning to provide a display of all known nicknames, titles and other aliases shortly.