Update — Spring 2022

I. EE Edition of Correspondence

Voltaire (1 letter)

Voltaire [François Marie Arouet], (1694–1778), French author, essayist, philosopher. Voltaire letters continue to be discovered, and few recent finds are as interesting as the one he wrote to Marie Leszczyńska, queen of France, that has recently been acquired by the Bodleian Libraries in Oxford. Written on 25 April 1728 from London, Voltaire asks the French queen for her protection for his recently published epic poem La Henriade. This new letter (D333a), written entirely in Voltaire’s hand, is in the good company of the magisterial Besterman edition of Voltaire’s letters already in EE.

Hume, David (61 Letters)

David Hume (1711–1776), Scottish essayist, historian, and philosopher. The current (March 2022) content upgrade features letters by David Hume as sourced from The Further Letters of David Hume, edited by Felix Waldmann (Cambridge). EE already contains The Letters of David Hume (1932), edited by J. Y. T. Greig, and New Letters of David Hume (2011), edited by Raymond Klibansky and Ernest Mossner, as well as publications of letters from a range of other sources. This corpus of letters makes EE the digital resource of choice for Hume’s correspondence.

II. Project changes

EE: Lives and Letters is delighted to announce that there have been some changes behind the scenes here at the project. First of all we welcome our new editorial team of Professor Andrew Kahn (Oxford), a scholar of Russian and Enlightenment, Co-PI of the Digital Correspondence of Catherine the Great project ( CatCor) and Dr Jack Orchard, formerly of the Elizabeth Montagu's Correspondence Online project (EMCO). They will be joining Mark Rogerson, EE’s Technical Editor. EE has also joined the Bodleian Libraries Digital Collections Discovery team in the Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services (BDLSS) and the Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS), with Judith Siefring, Head of Digital Research in BDLSS and Megan Gooch, Head of the CDS, taking on management roles in the project, and facilitating our integration into the wider community of Bodleian digital resources. Meet the Team

III. Technical changes

We have started to streamline the site, making it easier to discover and explore the wide collection of correspondence available. To showcase some of the more intersting items we have created a new section simply called blog where we will publish news, Featured Letters and our new Threads series.

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