News-sheet — November 2011

Revising & updating the complete correspondence of Voltaire — exclusive to EE!

Project launch is dedicated as a digital Festschrift for Paul LeClerc — scholar and librarian.

At launch, we publish 49 new and refreshed Voltaire documents — 19 letters with manuscript images (a total of 37 high-resolution pages); 35 revised letters; 2 new translations; and 12 letters never previously published, including:

For more information see the Digital correspondence of Voltaire project pages; or review the Festschrift for Paul LeClerc, which includes two "Dedicatory letters".

Manuscript images

Beginning with the launch of the Digital Voltaire project (under the editorial direction of Professor Nicholas Cronk, Director of the Voltaire Foundation, Oxford) we have developed and are deploying a system for the cataloguing and display of manuscript images, linking high-resolution images of the original manuscripts to the transcribed and edited letters.

A manuscript presented in EE

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Newly revised edition of the letters of André Morellet — exclusive to EE!

Created in collaboration with the editor of the original, standard critical edition, this revision brings together 656 Morellet letters — including 13 not included in that original edition. Newly collated letters include:

For more information, see the André Morellet project pages.

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Geographical data mining, modelling and mapping project — 1st stage release

The first stage in this ongoing R&D project presents detailed, geographical information for source locations of some 32,000+ documents. The indexing and display system works, behind the scenes, with comprehensive geographical databases, allowing us to link letters to online mapping systems. Also presented in this update are high-resolution images of largely 18th-century maps at the country level. In coming months, this will be extended to include regional, state/county and city maps, and for major cities like Paris and London, some street-level mapping.


For more information, see the Geographical data mining, modelling and mapping project pages; or go straight to the EE Gazetteer.

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New biographies

Through the addition of the digital correspondence of Voltaire and the letters of André Morellet we have added over 120 new people to EE, including:

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In a major development of the EE Coffee-house, we are introducing Project, Event and Contributor pages. Here academics, archives and institutions working with EE — on new editions of correspondence or on secondary research and development based on the EE corpus — will find a cozy space to list plans, announce meetings and conferences, share information and make contact.

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