News-sheet — June 2010

I promised to say Little on this Topic, & I have said so much that if I had not a Frank, I must Burn my Letter & begin again.

— William Cowper to Rev. William Unwin (Thursday, 5 October 1780)
(EE letter id: cowpwiOU0010396a1c)

I. Latest news


In the Topics section of EE, we offer some examples of the fascinating and profound ranges of topics you will find in this resource. Over the coming months, we will be developing extended thematic "snugs" in our Coffee-house where each topic will be the core of developing research and exciting resources.

Map of India

We have added an early eighteenth-century map of India courtesy of David Rumsey/Cartography Associates. We have over forty letters written or received in India, for which this map provides good geographical context.

II. Miscellany, June 2010

Introducing "topics" & a bit more volcanic chaos

In this month's Miscellany, "Introducing 'topics' & a bit more volcanic chaos", you'll be introduced to our new "topics" section, and discover how bad an Icelandic volcano can really be.

III. New Documents

The Correspondence of Robert Boyle, volume 3: 1666–1667

EE is pleased to announce inclusion of the third volume of The Correspondence of Robert Boyle, ed. Michael Hunter et al. (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2001). The third of a six volume edition, this volume will add 189 new letters and documents and 16 new biographical notes to the collection.

IV. New biographies

The third volume of The Correspondence of Robert Boyle provides many new and interesting people. Here are a few sample lives:

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