News-sheet — May 2010

Shall I then ever see a valley of ice which was formed at the creation, or only a day or two afterwards at farthest? mountains of ice that will never melt till the earth diſsolves? and crevices through which one might descend to the nursery of earthquakes and volcanoes? . . .

— Norton Nicholls to Thomas Gray (Saturday, 6 August 1768)
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I. Latest news

Map of Denmark and Iceland

We have added an early ninteenth-century map of Denmark courtesy of David Rumsey/Cartography Associates. We have over a dozen letters written or received in Denmark, for which this map provides good geographical context. What gives it particular interest, given recent events, is the detailed inset map of Iceland in the top right corner where one will find, just inland from the southern tip of the main island, a clear depiction of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano (spelt "Eyafialla Jokul" on the map). For more on volcanoes and vulcanism, read our May Miscellany, "Volcanoes: the good, the bad and some science".

II. Miscellany, May 2010

Volcanoes: the good, the bad and some science

In this month's Miscellany, "Volcanoes: the good, the bad and some science", you'll discover some 18th-century views of volcanoes and vulcanism, from travel descriptions and metaphorical comparisons to some remarkably good science.

III. New Documents

The Correspondence of Robert Boyle, volume 2:1662–1665

EE is pleased to announce inclusion of the second volume of The Correspondence of Robert Boyle, ed. Michael Hunter et al. (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2001). The second of a six volume edition, this volume will add 340 new letters and documents and 45 new biographical notes to the collection.

IV. New biographies

The second volume of The Correspondence of Robert Boyle provides many new and interesting people. Here are a few sample lives:

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