News-sheet — November 2009

I. Latest news — a new site!

Welcome to Electronic Enlightenment 2: Letters & Lives Online

Our major upgrade to EE brings you new functionality and ease of use, multiple new ways into the resource and new kinds of information, all wrapped up in a sleek new look.

New look: The clear, intuitive design makes it easier to find your way round the site and underlines the wealth of information and the network of links between documents and people, times and places.

New functionality: We have added more functionality to give you what you asked for — more ways into EE's collection of letters and lives, and the ability to do more complex and powerful searches.

New options for letters include searching by:

New options for lives include searching by:

New options for sources include searching by:

New browse options include browsing:

II. New editions

Adam Smith — the definitive collection, only in EE

EE now offers the most comprehensive collection of the philosopher Adam Smith's correspondence available anywhere! Letters published since the appearance of Ernest Mossner & Ian Ross's scholarly edition of the Correspondence of Adam Smith (Oxford University Press, 1987 — already in EE) include the following, newly added:

Gustavus III — unexpected sidelights on the French Revolution

EE is also pleased to announce the correspondence of the Swedish king Gustavus III, from the edition of Gustave III par ses lettres published by Norstedts Förlag of Stockholm. This little-known correspondence sheds unexpected light on European affairs of the late 18th century, including Swedish involvement in the plan to rescue the French royal family from the Revolution. . .

III. New biographies

Many new biographies have been added over the last months, including these from the edition of Gustavus III:

IV. MARC records

Over 3500 MARC records for letter-writers in EE are now available for free download!

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