News-sheet — Autumn 2009

I. Latest news

Coming soon: a new EE for 2009–2010!

We apologize for our long silence since May. The small EE team has been working hard over the summer and early autumn to finish the first complete rewrite of the site since our launch last year. Hundreds of hours of work have gone into giving you a cleaner, more elegant design, an easier-to-use structure, and substantial new functionality, with new ways to explore the tens of thousands of letters and lives in EE.

New look

This upgrade to EE will see a complete new look to our website. The clear, intuitive design makes it easier to find your way round the site and underlines the network of links between documents and people, times and places.

New functionality

In light of our user community's feedback we have added more functionality, giving you more ways into EE's collection of letters and lives, and the ability to do more complex and powerful searches:

New options for letters include searching by:

New options for lives include searching by:

New options for sources include searching by:

New browse options include browsing:

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