Anniversarial — 2011


On the 30 January, the body of Oliver Cromwell was exhumed and given a posthumous execution, along with other regicides, just over two years after his death (3 September 1658). In March, Louis XIV of France began personal rule following the death of his mentor and prime minister, Cardinal Mazarin; one of his first acts was creation of the Académie Royale de Danse (30 March). 24 August, Samuel Pepys records seeing a performance of Hamlet by Sir William Davenant's company, the Duke's Company, which included the introduction of stage scenery; the actor Thomas Betterton's prince was "beyond imagination". Also in 1661, Robert Boyle published The Sceptical Chymist, a landmark in scientific thought: Boyle argued for the kenetic/molecular model of matter, where all phenomena result from the collision of particles in motion. He also urged experimentation among those claiming scientific interest, arguing that no hypothesis should be regarded as true without experimental demonstration. Experimentation, he said, demonstrates the error of thinking of matter in terms of the four classical "elements" (earth, fire, air, water).

Here are some of those correspondents whose birth or death is marked in 2011:



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