Virtual Collections

Catherine Dorothée de Saint-Pierre “in her own voice”

A remarkable collection written in a revealing, nearly phonetic voice by Catherine Dorothée de Saint-Pierre, these letters (with modern French translations) hint at the sound of 18th-century Norman French.

Jane Austen to “my dear Cassandra”

A collection of Jane Austen letters, primarily to her sister Cassandra, based on material deposited in the Oxford Text Archive:

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817, 1993, Jane Austen's letters to her sister Cassandra and others [Electronic resource ], Oxford Text Archive.

Lettres reçues par Blondel de Nouainville

Cette collection est essentiellement formé par des lettres qu’il reçut entre mars 1781 et mars 1792. Des quelque cent cinquante pièces qui le constituent, le plus grand nombre fut laissé par Blondel chez un ami nantais avant d’émigrer, et de mourir peu après.

Publicly accessible as a condition of original publication in EE.

Selected letters of Elizabeth Montagu & friends

As part of an AHRC-Collaborative Doctoral Award (supported by the Electronic Enlightenment Project, University of Oxford), Jack Orchard, PhD student at Swansea University, transcribed, edited and annotated these letters during his research into “Reading Practices in the Epistolary Networks of Catherine Talbot, Elizabeth Carter, and Elizabeth Montagu”.

Publicly accessible as a condition of original funding for the research.

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