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  • Vernes, Jacob (born 1728–died 1791), Swiss churchman, Protestant, journalist
  • Warden, David Bailie (born 1772–died 1845), Irish midwife, diplomat, author, journalist, science-writer, scholar
  • Weisse, Christian Felix (born 1726–died 1804), German courtier, civil servant, journalist, editor, poet, playwright
  • White, Joseph Blanco (born 1775–died 1841), Spanish churchman, editor, journalist, religious convert, Anglican
  • Wilhelmi, Samuel (born 1730–died 1796), Swiss university administrator, churchman, Protestant, journalist
  • Woodfall, Henry Sampson (born 1739–died 1805), English printer, journalist
  • Woodfall, William (born 1745–died 1803), English journalist, newspaper editor
  • Wooler, Thomas (born 1786–died 1853), English journalist, radical
  • Yriarte, Charles (born 1832–died 1898), French author, journalist, historian, travel-writer
  • Zeno, Apostolo (born 1669–died 1750), Italian author, poet, librettist, journalist, man of letters
  • Zeno, Pier Caterino (born 1666–died 1732), Italian author, journalist, publisher
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